This is probably one of the most important and favorite articles for my project...

Why you might ask?

Ananus 0050.jpg

Because Chloé and Will were the two that introduced me to the Montreal surf industry, and I couldn't be more grateful to call them my friends. I met Chloé a week after I got back from Costa Rica. I knew she surfed a lot and wanted to talk to her about the industry and how she got into it.

We talked for a good hour and a half, and I was so inspired by her words that I realized at what point I had to be a part of this world.

It wasn't too long after that, she introduced me to Vague à Guy, my first river surfing experience, which quickly became an obsession.

The obsession of getting up and staying in the goddamn wave!

Later on, she mentioned that she and Will wanted to start shaping boards and pretty soon after that Ananus was born here in Montreal.



Yeah the name is... controversial? At first I also had that paused moment of trying to understand what it meant. I wasn't too sure if it would work out in the long run but the nae truly fits their style. Will and Chloé have this amazingly artistically weird but cool style and the name Ananus fits them like a glove. It's that name when you pronounce it makes you pause and see if you said it right. Then it's always followed by laughter and I truly believe that is why they chose the name. It makes you think. It's somewhat controversial but in a terrifically good way.

Ananus ... ?

Specializing in longboards, it's pretty fun to see them tear up H67 like it was the baby wave of the century. Will has so much style, he makes everything seem effortless. Chloé brings this ''Chica'' vibe to the whole brand and it's pretty awesome to see her get better every single time she goes out. So far, they have sold all their boards and are constantly shaping to create new fun logs. I get excited every time they publish a new one on social media and I know one day one of them will be mine.

It's fun to see a passionate couple work together to create something so freaking cool. To build a company from the bottom up and to be stoked and eager to grow even more. This year they launched, who knows where they will be next year.