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One of the biggest strenghs behind Julie is her support system. As she mentioned, your brand could one day disappear but your friends and family will always be there for you.

June Swimwear has also created an amazing community of girls from all around the world who are passionate about traveling and surfing. There aren't many brands out there, that create this sort of community. Julie told us stories of girls becoming friends on vacation because they noticed hey were wearing June Swimwear bikinis in the surf lineup.

Ta compagnie pourrait disparaître demain, mais tes amis et ta famille seront toujours là pour toi.

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Over the past couple of years, June Swimwear has become a household name in Montreal and all over Quebec. So it was clear when starting my project, that I would want to meet the brains and talent behind the company.

Starting your own business is never easy. Starting a swimwear company in Montreal, far from the ocean, is a challenge in itself. Now celebrating six years of June Swimwear, Julie Morin-Dumais, is proof that if you are passionate about something, then nothing can stop you in pursuing your goals.

After falling in love with the surf culture in Australia, it just seemed natural for her to pair that with her talent for sewing, to create bikinis.


What's next for Julie?

Maybe we will be seeing more of June Swimwear in Western Canada, or even in the United States. We will just have to see what this free-spirited entrepreneur has in store for us!