Le Huard

Le Huard

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We packed our bags into our canoe, dog included and started paddling back to civilization.
The water and environment was so calm, are paddles did not even make a sound as they touched the water.

As we were paddling, this beautiful Loon came swimming by feet away from our canoe. We stopped as I gently pulled out my camera to take time to immortalize this special moment between human and nature.

This year I grew a special love for loons. Their sound which is so peaceful and their pretty black and white patterns on their feathers just make them such stunning birds to look at.

It hung out with us for a little while until it decided to dive back into the water to feed.

All prints printed on high quality Matte photo paper.


Inspiré d’une belle petite rencontre avec un beau huard.

Toutes mes photos sont imprimées sur un papier de très haut de gamme, avec une petite bordure blanche pour faciliter l’encadrement.