Yesterday morning was the event I have been waiting for all week! Roxy always hosts pretty awesome events but they always seem to be in the West Coast, and well.. For a girl like me who dreams to go to a Roxy event, going to California is a little far! 

Hearing about their #RUNSUPYOGA event, I was in complete aww seeing the pictures from the events and thought it was such a great idea to inspire people to go work out and to have fun. It's cool because it regroups 3 activities all in a period of a couple of hours, to have fun and try new things. 

I found out about the event in Montreal a week ago when they opened registration and I wanted to go so badly but I didn't want to go do the actual event, I just really wanted to go take pictures and get contacts to hopefully boost my name out there! 

I have to admit it was quite hard to get in. I tried emailing multiple times to get a media pass but no one wanted to give me one and told me they already have a photographer etc etc. After emailing several people to try and get me in I got an email back notifying me it was a public open event and if you would like, you can always come and take pictures for personal purposes. 

And so I decided to show up anyways and shoot as if I was the actual photographer and if I were to get caught well… At least I tried! 

Gotta admit, I was nervous showing up… It was a gloomy rainy morning and not a lot of people around so I was sure to get caught but when I arrived everyone was super friendly and I felt like I was part of the team. No one kicked me out and it felt nice to feel as if I wasn't an intruder. 

(even if I was… Whatever!) 

Honestly, I want to say congrats to all the participants. You all rocked your socks off during those three waves and it was pretty magical to photograph. Even tho it was cold and it was raining, they all had smiles and were having the time of their lives. 

Aux Vivres was there too, handing out lunches to all the participants, I am happy I got one and let me just say it here loud and clear: I FREAKING LOVE AUX VIVRES!
It's a vegan restaurant in Montreal, but all their food is delicious and easy to eat so for the people who are looking for a good healthy meal, but that are scared to not like the taste of vegan, tofu etc. well check out Aux Vivres and I swear your taste buds will fall in love all over again. 

Empire was helping to host the event and met some of their staff which were pretty cool too. They had a booth where you could win some pretty sick shades, it was a cool little concept to tied people over in between waves. 

Overall my experience was awesome. I particularly loved the yoga class in the end. The yogis who guided the class were really good and again, even tho it was cold and a little mucky you could tell how much the participants were into it and that's what means the most. 

Here are my pictures of the event, I posted all of them on my FB page yesterday but you know FB and their image quality, so I decided to repost them here so you can have a proper look!