As a young photographer, I have been pushing and pushing to get my name out there to get contracts. It's a lot of work from connecting with potential clients, to doing a lot of free work to get noticed and a lot of networking on various social media platforms. 

Since Wanderlust, things have started to pick up and couldn't be more happier! Finally for the first time I can say that my month of September and October is officially booked! It's cool yet kind of stressful in a way because it will be a lot of work and a lot of different style of contracts but it's fun to just sit there, look at my agenda and see all those dates blocked off. 

It can get overwhelming. I find that work is still work, and as a photographer you need to block off a day to do a creative project for yourself to just practice the art of photography stress free, for pleasure. When I started photography, I did creatives every week. It's a great way to practice cool lighting techniques and to prepare for when contracts do come in.

Now that my contracts are coming in full swing, I have less time to plan creatives so I kind of neglected it for a while. I found myself getting exhausted and tired because I wasn't testing new ways to shoot and wasn't necessarily doing all the things I wanted to do with my art.

So last weekend, I blocked my Saturday night to shoot a series for myself. I love fall and always wanted to experience a canoe, camping, indie kind of series. I got in contact with a model I photographed at the beginning of the summer and it was on! 

Thanks to my lululemon manager for lending me her parents backyard to shoot as well as the canoe. It was a perfect location to shoot the series. 

Obviously it rained half of the day and wasn't sure if we were going to get the vibe I was looking for but half an hour before the shoot it started to clear up and the sky lit up so beautifully for the rest of the evening. 

I love shooting creatives! It's fun, stress free and I can focus on trying new techniques I have been wanting to try for so long. The pictures turned out great and I am so happy to have taken that day to myself. 

You can view the series right below here, 


Model: Karine Vasco