That new trendy yogi

Last week I had fun photographing a young entrepreneur and obviously friend, Vanessa from New Moon Yoga. 

She recently launched her yoga brand about a month a go and has been working really hard. Already she has been giving classes and well as fall comes around the corner she will be giving a few workshops! How exciting right?! 

I met Vanessa through work when I started working at lululemon. I was always kind of shy but intrigued from her. Very spiritual and I felt like she could scan through my body and know everything about me. Turns out this girl is fucking awesome! 

She completed her teacher training back in spring and has been working her way to eventually become a successful yogi instructor. I love Vanessa's approach because it is spiritual but in a new trendy way. 

Her flows are in sync with her personality in which makes you discover who she is as a yogi. I love the music she plays, it fits with her style and makes you kind of want to go in a yoga trans. 

So photographing her was pretty awesome. (duuuuuhhh) I photographed her once before but it was work related and I really wanted to have fun and do something more relaxed and more her. 

Be sure to check her out on FB : New Moon Yoga and to check out one of her classes or workshops! One of a kind in the Montreal area!