Get up

My alarm went off this morning at 6am for me to get up, pack up my camera bag, grab the fiance and dog to head up north for a sunrise hike.

I contemplated in my bed looking at the ceiling as my eyes drifted shut about going out or not. My bed seemed way too cozy and it was still so dark out.

You know when your mind does that shitty thing where it starts to overthink every single thing?

After a week of full editing my mind decided to attack the anxiety side of me this morning to eventually kick me out of bed to head out on that morning hike.

And seriously, I am so glad I did.


Now, I don't know if this happens to you, but when I spend my week at home editing the laziness side of me kicks in and I fall into this vicious circle of doing nothing at home when I should be out enjoying nature and well... Being alive!

It's 0 degrees. Which is like... nothing compared to our -30 winters, however I still feel chilled. Jake (the dog) is pretty stoked running around in the woods finding sticks (he always finds the biggest stick around, a tree in that matter) as Jo and I quietly hike talking about new adventures and goals.

We're hiking our usual trail that is about 30 minutes from our place. I know the woods like the back of my hand, but I never get bored of the beautiful scenery. I feel good, after being at my computer all week it feels nice to stretch the legs and calm the mind.

Jo gets our coffee started by the tiny hidden lake as I take out my camera to shoot one of my favorite lights: morning light.

We sit in the hammock as we enjoy our view of the trees and mountains with the sound of the river behind us.

This moment right here, is one of the moments I will forever remember.