Seriously good times outside

''Let's go canoeing next weekend!''

I was starting to regret that idea Sunday morning when I started my car in -16 degrees weather.

Yes, winter is officially here, those cold Quebec days have just begun, and with the insomnia from the night before, going to Tremblant to go canoeing seemed like those dumb drunk ideas people come up with.

But if you know me personally, you know that I always come up with adventure ideas like that without thinking of the weather - season or other shenanigans. Like that time where I decided to hike a huge mountain in 35 degrees weather. YAY!

So maybe canoeing wasn't the best idea, but right now, looking back at that day, I don't regret it one bit. Because in life we need to get out of our comfort zone to really soak in an adventure. And it helps on the fact that I was in good company.

It's really fun being surrounded by inspiring people who love adventure and nature as much as I do. I learn so much from my wolf pack on camping, life lessons and of course photography. This time I headed up north with Felix and Anne-Sophie (from Voyage Grand V) and this dude photographer that I am so inspired by, Francis (from Iamnomad).

After driving for a good 2 hours with a canoe strapped on the hood (can't imagine what people were thinking) we finally found a lake that wasn't frozen and, off we were paddling away. It was cold, my dog was not impressed (seriously NOT impressed) but it was soothing. I have to admit I was really fucking cold, but I love feeling the cold. It's uncomfortable and sometimes you feel like your organs are freezing, and that you are slowly becoming like that frozen pizza in your freezer, but it makes you feel energized and alive.

We didn't last long, as you can imagine but it was a nice outing and I am so happy we braved the cold. Felix made a really cute fire and we warmed up with coffee before our journey home.

Winter is here, and I am loving the #goodtimesoutside from MEC because it's inspiring humans like myself to push ourselves in enjoying the cold. There's so many misconceptions about the cold weather and how we tend to stay inside and hibernate but we need to remember we are not bears, and that winter is truly beautiful. When was the last time you went out in a canoe in freezing temperatures?