Such a simple word that means freedom, yet we have a tendency of forgetting what it truly means. Or we simply forget to embrace it in our lives when we need it the most. 

It's much more than choosing what coffee you want, or if you should buy that really cool shirt you saw the other day.

Choice is a strong word that helps discover who you are as a human. You will go through times in life where you want to give up, or you feel vulnerable and think the world is evil and wants you to fail (okay.... Kind of intense but you know what I mean).

Coming back from Costa Rica really hit me hard. I fell in love with surfing and surfing photography and found myself back here in Montreal. Instead of doing anything about it I just became depressed and lost. I felt vulnerable and was already thinking of leaving again.

I was living with this story in my head that I have no choice to stay here. But really, I do have a choice.

I could book the next flight back and just leave. I really could.

The thought of leaving my boyfriend, family and life scared me like hell and decided to dive into a large brainstorming of my life and figure out what I really want in my life.

I don't want to loose my boyfriend, I don't want to leave my family. But I do want to travel and I do want to become a surf photographer.

We live in a country where freedom is permited and that we have the opportunity to create our own lives and to do what we love to do. But we always seem to content with the basics. To not push too far and to just be happy where we are.

It's important to be happy, but when you have this gut feeling that you are missing something in your life, and you really want to do something but don't because you don't think you can, should not be an option.


You have the opportunity to choose what you want with your life. Even if others don't agree, or that means changing your whole life around, it will be hard but in the end you will be happier and stoked about life. You will evolve as a person inside and out. Create new adventures, and you can, because it starts within. Choosing your own path, changing, and choosing again. You might think you have no supporters but you do, just look around.

The scariest decisions in life are the most exhilarating. They're the ones that carve a part of who you are and help define who you are as a person.

It all starts with the simple word of choice.