Last week marked officially two years of graduating from my photography college. I can honestly not believe it has already been two years since I have finished school. Out there in the world working hard in crushing my all time goal in being a photographer.

I learned so much. From thinking I would become the next big fashion photographer to ending up hating the haute couture world. Fell in love with surf, yoga and lifestyle photography and re creating my brand image.

I remember when I was in college and one of the first things my mentor told me was: ''You might think you want to be in a certain photography field and end up doing something completely different.''

Stubborn as I am (my boyfriend knows it) I was set into becoming the next Lara Jade or Mario Testino.

God I changed. Seriously, from wearing high heels, going to all the hit events, now I am a hippy child who only brushes her hair after she washes it.

Fell in love with the authenticity of photography. The authenticity of working with models who aren't always models. Athletes and inspiring humans that say they aren't photogenic but once I take their picture they take it back instantly.

I support whoever loves fashion photography, and I will still continue to love the work high end photographers do, but I want to change the game a bit. I want to travel the world and shoot surfers and normal people who inspire other humans in being happy. To crush goals with people, and to help them feel more confident in tackling the big world we live in.

Instead of following the runways, I have found myself following travel blogs and surfers like Wanderlust, Lex Weinstein, Chris Buckard etc.

I feel so much freer and better with who I am as a person. Ever since I can remember, photography and art was a way for me to talk and to be herd. I am not the big social popular kind of girl and will never be (I get way to shy when I go to events and usually keep quiet most of the time) so to find myself within my art helps me become a better person. I want to be able to inspire other humans in finding what they need to be able to become better and more powerful. It's hard to be herd, and the struggle is real.