Taking the plunge

I have always been a huge fan on goal crushing and pursuing my dreams. My main vision in life is to love what you do and to work hard to pursue your passion. It's funny because this morning I read a small article on what type of career you should have regarding your astrological sign and I laughed when I read - Balance: Creativity.

Hmm. So I guess I am on the right path!

Looking at my 10 year vision, (which is constantly changing) I know one thing for sure: I am a photographer who specializes in Surf, yoga and lifestyle and I live by the ocean.

Since Costa Rica, I realized how important the salt water is in my life. When I was younger I swore I would become a marine biologist and live in Hawaii with my wild pet dolphins. Sadly, I wasn't the smartest kid in school and realized art is more my strength.

I never really realized I could collide my passion for the ocean and photography together until I found surfing. And no shit I love surfing, it's all about being in the water and getting a little closer to the marine life.

True wanderluster at heart, I love to travel. That moment of being in the butt fuck of nowhere breathing fresh air and not having a shower in days can be pretty intense for some people, but for me that's when I find my true self.
Living in Canada, I found my love of the mountains, the coldness of our harsh winters and the love hate relationship of the mosquitoes.

Growing up in a separated family and moving from province to province has made me stronger and more mature. I had to mature fast and never really had been given that chance to do whatever I wanted. It really sucks I have to admit, but it made me stronger and made me realize how important it is to take your time in life, and to take in everything one step at a time.

These past few months have been rough because I have been contemplating about what I really want in life and realized that this is my prime time to really pursue what I want without holding back.

So I did the biggest decision in my life so far in sending in my resignation as a social media Storyteller for lululemon to commit into becoming a full time photographer.

I have to admit I am scared shitless, but a part of me is relieved. Relieved in the sense that I am finally opening up my dream of doing what I truly want to be doing. Being fearless and just taking the plunge in believing in myself that I can do this.

Then I tell myself: If I wasn't scared, it wouldn't be normal.

Being surrounded by so many amazing humans to support me in my goals, I know I am going to make it. Even tho, I have been having a few anxiety attacks here and there: it's normal. I just have to remember to breathe in and out and to know that everything will be okay.

This is a time for me to really push my art and to learn even more about myself. I now have the opportunity to travel to places I have always dreamed in going with to restraints and to shoot all the time.

It's happening and there's no turning back now. And I am ready.