Juna yoga - Tofino

About a week ago, I was enjoying some nice surf in Tofino.

With the cold I have (yes my boyfriend passed on his sickness to me), I kind of wish I was near the salt ocean water to clear my sinuses. But until then, I will content myself with kleenex and watching the mens Fiji pro on TV. 

I had such a great and inspiring experience while on the Juna Yoga goddess retreat in collaboration with Tofino Yoga in beautiful Tofino. Although the 11hour travel experience (where I was sick half the way) I made it safely in our little paradise called the Ecolodge.

Such a charming area, where you look outside and see the glacier mountains in the background. The beautiful botanical gardens as our backyard, it's truly a peaceful place to stay. Barely any wireless connection (where I found it extremely hard to catch up on my social work) it felt good to disconnect from the world.

I got to admit I was kind of nervous showing up because I have always had anxiety meeting new people. Something about being bullied too many times in the past I am slowly regaining confidence towards humans. But I adapted so incredibly fast it surprised me.

Someone who feels so so shy and uncomfortable around new groups of people suddenly felt like I found family. I embraced my emotions and decided to not ask or question myself. To simply enjoy the company of amazing, inspiring and strong women.

We spent the first weekend around Cox bay, where we experienced the Rip Curl x Tofino contest. It was my first official surfing contest to ever go to and it was pretty gnarly seeing surfers from all over the world come to one swell and surf together. The waves weren't that big for the contest but they were perfect for me!

Connections were made with Surf Sisters during the weekend, where we took on some surfing. And then of course we had tons of yoga, thanks to Nadia from Juna and Dede from Tofino Yoga. My muscles gave up near the end from all the activities but in a good way. I felt good. I felt relieved, like there's no weight on my shoulders.
A feeling I forgot to feel for the longest time.

We mixed some goal coaching within our busy schedule and gave us a new perception over our own lives. It was great to be a part of Nadia's coaching because she made sure we felt connected to everyone in the circle.

Listening to our friends talk about their goals, struggles and learning's. And from there applying what we've learned in our own lives.

I was there of course to take pictures, but I was also there to live the experience and to showcase it through my lenses. It did not feel like work, it felt like.... fun - love - passion.

And that's what this retreat was all about. A way to connect within ourselves, but to also connect with amazing strong women from all over.

It's one of those trips you will remember forever, a trip that soothes the soul but also makes you discover a place you've always wanted to go.

When I close my eyes I still feel the ocean on one side and the mountains on the other.

I would like to say a special thanks to Nadia for embarking me on this journey, as well as Dede from Tofino Yoga who inspired not only me but everyone else during our stay,