Morning light

We tend to see so many sunset photos and never enough sunrise shots.

There's something about waking up in the wee hours of the morning to feel our world slowly wake up. It's another reason why I couldn't resist Chloés proposition in following her and Will at H67 for a sunrise shoot.

I was so excited, because morning light is one of my favorite lights to shoot. So soft, and golden. And the principle of being up when no ones around is pretty awesome.

Jumped in my car with my cup of coffee and hurried on to our location. Ready to go, they hit the wave and it was pretty gnarly to see a green wave for a change. 

It was beautiful.

I really love being able to wake up and shoot a series like this. Having them do what they love to do and capturing that moment. It's so authentic and real and the dreamy morning light just captures the beauty of their passion to surf on a whole different level.

Chloé is the first person I met in the surf industry in Montreal, and I am so glad she is one of my friends. There's something so pure and real from her that makes you work even harder to pursue your dreams. And Will is a pretty awesome guy who just kills it out there! Together they form this amazing, strong relationship that inspires not only me, but so many others out there.

Together they formed this amazing board shaping company named Ananus Surfboards. They have only started about 2 months ago and they are already killing it! It's amazing to see great inspiring people living their passions and innovating our industry so perfectly.