Wanderlust 2016

It's always the week right after Wanderlust that makes you feel invincible. Like you just conquered the imaginable and you're ready to charge into whatever is coming up next.

Seems a little intense but everyone that has been knows what I am talking about.

This year was an ultra special one too because I had the opportunity to join the lululemon team to shoot their adventures throughout the four day extravaganza. What did it consist? To follow ambassadors to classes, photograph their classes, and be a part of their whole experience.

It was amazing.

Not just because I was out there shooting at a festival that feels like Alice in Wonderland, but to be reunited with the ones who have inspired me the most.

After leaving an important chapter in my life (lululemon) and to spread my wings to discover my love and commitment to photography it was hard to leave all the ambassadors and projects behind. Kind of like a breakup.

So when they invited me to come join their team for Wanderlust, how could I say no? Like seriously!?

Wanderlust in general this year, wasn't my favorite. The lineup and classes weren't exactly what I was looking for however being part of the lulu team and being with the ambassadors made it quickly one of the best Wanderlusts I have ever been to.

We are so lucky here in Montreal to have such inspiring humans out there pushing everyone to conquer their goals without really knowing it. Talking to Vanessa who was her first time here and quickly commented on: ''I don't understand what I did to deserve all of this.''

Van, you deserve this because you work extremely hard every single day, and you inspire so many people to pursue their dreams and goals. You lift them up without even knowing it. And do you know why? Because you love what you do.

The whole experience made me revisit goals in my life, and made me even more stoked for the future. Maybe one day I will join the team of becoming an ambassador for a brand who's vision has touched me so much?