Gaston, thanks for having us

Gaston was the first hurricane swell of the season to hit the West Coast and you can imagine the hype behind all the surfers here in Montreal.

We decided to all head down on a 5hour road trip to Wells, Maine to surf what was suppose to be 5 to 10ft of heavy awesome waves. Pretty soon we realized Magicseaweed isn't the most accurate after all when we realized 5 to 10ft was mostly like 2 to 4ft.

But it was still a pretty amazing journey, especially as it was my first ever East Coast surfing experience. (Yes I did go in late June, but the swell wasn't the best)

After having a pretty tough week, with lots of downs, it just made sense to let loose and follow everyone else out there and shoot some gnarly shots and well... Surf!

Because after all, shooting surfing all the time really makes you want to try for yourself and being obsessed with the Ocean, it's inevitable for me to get in the water too.

Saturday and Sunday was pretty laid back with a few 2 to 3ft waves which was perfect for me. I enjoyed catching small waves but wasn't quite the photo concept I was going for that made me a little nervous of if I was going to be able to shoot or not.

But then Monday rolled around the corner and I swear it was amazing.

Golden hour arrived and the light was just beautiful here at Wells beach, that made photography so easy to get stoked on. After having such a crummy week, I remembered what I was worth as an artist and my confidence came back. Everyone was so stoked on having me there photographing this amazing swell (okay it wasn't like SUPER amazing, but hey it was really cool and fun) and it made me realize this is truly what I want to be doing, but also, this is the feeling I want every time I am doing a shoot. 

That feeling of confidence, happiness, stokness (if that's a word) with every shot I am taking. To be surrounded by amazing humans that are stoked about you being there and that are as passionate as you are when it comes down to getting the perfect shot.

I have to say I am really happy to have been a part of Gaston, even if he wasn't what everyone expected him to be (you know, talking about a hurricane like he was a person). It made me live a little and I truly believe it made our Montreal surfing industry a little closer. I mean like... Every single surfer I met (or practically) were from Quebec and it was pretty cool to be a part of that group. We were all so stoked on being here and getting into the salt water to just have fun.

And at the end of the day, that's what surfing is all about right?