Seriously, just chill

Lately I have been feeling very stressed and my mind has been going all over the place due to my exciting project that will be launching soon.

It's funny because every single minute of the day I go through ups and downs regarding my work.

-Is it good enough?

-Yeah this is awesome dude you got this!

-I suck.

-Seriously I really fucking suck.

-Nahh that's in your head yo, you got this, you're work is on point.

-This project is going to be sick!



Every creative can relate to me on this point. Especially when you've been working on something for so long, and that your heart lays right on top of it.

It's the first time I will ever be doing something as big and the nerves are itching all over me as the days go by.

What?! We are already September 16... Shit.

Normally I would go to yoga, go for a hike or even go river surfing to chill and take some time for myself but lately every thing has been in fast motion and by the end of the day well.. It's too late to go do anything!

Yesterday was an exception however, after a hectic week I decided to work for a few hours in the morning and then head on out to Vague à Guy to give some time to myself.

I haven't been there in forever and it felt good to dip my toes back into our lovely river. Wetsuit season has started and well, unlike some people who don't like it as much, I love wearing one.

Don't ask me why.

I managed to get one really decent ride in, even tho the water level was extremely low and I was struggling with the loss of power from the wave, it felt so good to get out there and burn off some steam.

We have a tendency to never give enough time for ourselves.

That perception of: We never have time.

Giving ourselves lame excuses to not breathe and have fun, that results in burning ourselves out and then you create a load of unwanted tension. I am guilty as well, and that's why I have now decided to commit to be doing one thing a week for myself. Either going out for a river surfing session, or to simply call up a friend and go for coffee.

After all, we only have one life and we got to take advantage of it right?