Between Tremblant and la Conception

Nestled between Tremblant and la Conception you will find one of the coziest places to stay regardless of the season.

Normally New Years people head out to fancy parties and get all dolled up, but for someone who isn't much of a partier, I decided to ditch the city lights for the calm wilderness in the Laurentians.

Thanks to Kayak Café, I think this was one of the best NY of my life so far.

It's about a 2 hour drive from Montreal, with breathtaking landscapes along the way. I go to Tremblant quite a bit, and have always enjoyed following the 15N passing through the suburbs to the northern community. It's quite enchanting to see the sudden change in the trees, wind and everything in general.

With only a 2hour drive you can feel completely distanced from your busy day to day life, and being at Kayak Café I swear you will feel like you are somewhere else on this planet.

The cabins are small, with a fireplace, table, bed and kitchen counter. You have all the amenities you need for camping including cooking gear.

One thing I particularly liked about our location, is that it is completely quiet. The first night felt a little weird, feeling alone in the middle of the woods but it was a soothing experience at the same time. We are so used to our busy lifestyles that when you manage to have a moment of complete silence it feels oddly satisfying.

The next morning we went out for a morning snowshoeing session on the campgrounds trails and then headed out to hike la Montagne Verte. The 3 to 4 hour hike was out of this world!

From the snowstorm of the day before, we managed to be the first ones to hike the beautiful trail in the morning. The scenery is beautiful, hiking through the woods and making your way up at the top with a breathtaking view of Tremblant and the surrounding mountains.

First tracks in 3 feet of fresh snow made our journey all that more interesting as we felt like we were in the Alps. (Seriously, we were climbing over glacier parts that really made us feel like we were in the Rockies.. But not at the same time)

It was one of the biggest hikes I've done in the Laurentians and one that is worth doing. If you are planing on going, a little tip is to leave early and start the hike in the morning so you have time to finish the whole trail. Bring snacks and a lot of water - you will need it!

Exhausted as one can be, we crawled our bodies back to our cabin after a long day and ended the night playing cards and making s'mores.

For the first time in a long time, I felt completely at peace. The perfect way to end the year and start the new one. A lot happened in 2016, and there are already exciting projects in the works for 2017, and it was a great way to start the year in complete harmony with myself.

Something I learned from this little getaway is how much I love nature and being far from the city. Of course I love Montreal, and the city life, but it feels so damn good to be far away - so far that foxes and deer have become your friendly neighbors. I knew already that nature has always been a part of me, but this past weekend made me realize how important it is for my body and mind.