Last Friday I went up to La Conception to go hike up la Montagne Verte. Only did I know that our hike was going to be cut short because on our way up, I spotted a beautiful buck grazing in the woods.

I slowly got out of the car, grabbed my camera that was thankfully already ready to shoot and walked slowly towards him. At first I was far, his ears sharply turned towards me, listening to my every move. As he got more and more comfortable I got closer and closer to eventually almost being able to pet him.


What I love about wildlife photography, is the connection you develop when you document an animal. Patience is the key, kind of like when you go fishing. Some days you don't get any decent shots, or animals and then other times you hit the jackpot. You need to stay in place and make no sound, document every move and try to learn more about the species as it does his daily routines.

This young buck was quite unique. His antlers were uneven, and you can tell he had a corky personality kind of like me. He seemed more curious than nervous and included me in his space, which I felt honored. He kept looking at my lens wondering what the heck was I holding, not sure if it was and he was highly intrigued with my shutter noise.


I sat in the damp dirt calm as can be staring at this beautiful juvenile and felt that special connection you get when you are with animals. A calming, connected moment will always be remembered.

Hopefully I get to see Jack grow up. Yes, I called him Jack. The journey of documenting him growing up to be a strong leader, or a corky one for that matter.