Praise - don't judge

Photography is a tough industry to break into.

From finding your own style and path, to competing with other photographers it can be easy to fall into that vicious stressful circle.

When I first started in the industry, I was constantly judging and comparing myself to other photographers which made my anxiety worse and not only that, but I started living in a circle full of bad energy.

And once, you are in that circle, you spiral so fast that there is no hope for you to make it out. Stress increases every minute, and you feel like a constant failure.

For someone who wanted to pursue photography because it was their passion, suddenly felt like a nightmare.

So I found myself at a yoga festival, where I had the opportunity to clear my mind and start fresh. At the time I quit the industry and decided to refresh my soul and figure out what has made me so stressed about something I love so much.

I came to realize that for me, I am not a competitor. I actually hate competing and competitions always stressed me out so much that I wouldn't end up placing because fear and anxiety came swinging at me.

Being in an industry where it is so easy to compare and judge yourself with others was a challenge into pursuing my dreams. I decided to train my brain, that every time I would judge myself, I would replace that negativity with two positive compliments about my work.

It was hard at first, because you are training your brain to think differently, but with time it really helped shape the way I think about my work. And now, I can easily say that I love my work, and the projects that I am embarking on.

I remember when I was back in college, one of my teachers said if you put 10 photographers in one room and tell them to photograph the same object, like a simple bottle, you will receive 10 different photographs of that same bottle.

Because we are artists, everyone is different. We all have a different creative eye so even if we allshoot the same subject, it will never be the same.

So why are we brought up with the mentality of always feeling the need to compete with each other? If everyone is unique, why always live in that stressful state of mind of having to beat everyone else?

I understand that the industry is difficult to get in, and that there are so many photographers out there that all want to shoot contracts and make it big, but instead of competing with each other, we can become a big friendly community and help each other out.

At the end of the day, we all have the same passion: photography. We are all different and have different visions on what we want to photograph so why not support each other than always feel the need to be like two angry cats that hate each other?

I broke free from that vicious circle of competition. Instead of judging, I have been praising my work, but also praising my photographer friends because we are all amazing. We all have different styles, and goals and seeing them crush a huge accomplishment makes me feel all excited for them.

To collaborate with other photographers and to mix our work together to bring the community closer is so much more rewarding.

Now, I am relieved by not having to compete. I know that my clients will hire me because of my portfolio and style rather then just needing a photographer. That maybe my friends will get more contracts at the moment, but that my time will come when I have developed my skills a little more.

Yes being in the art world is stressful, but I have one less weight to carry and it feels pretty damn amazing.