Discovering the Bruce Peninsula

I remember when I was a kid I used to spend my whole summers up here. Spend long days at the beach, have a seriously dark tan and end the day with colorful campfires as my dad claimed he was a wizard. (I learned a few years later that he put copper in the fire to make it look colorful.)

I get a little nostalgic coming back as an adult, especially when I see the new generation of kids playing on the beach. The feeling of being old but not really, and now I understand what my dad meant when saying life happens so fast.

So here we are, arriving in Port Elgin, a town that grew so much since I was a kid, a place that will forever be engraved in my heart.

With life moving so quickly, and my adult life kicking into place, it's hard to know if I will be coming back for a week or not. Luckily we managed to flee the city for a week and a half and it felt darn good to be back.

On the coast of Lake Huron, the Bruce Peninsula is a beautiful escape for the ones who can't necessary afford to travel down south. The beautiful clear blue water of the lake makes you believe you are in the Caribbean and the fact that the lake is so vast, makes you believe even more that you are on a lost island far away.

I later on find out that blue water lakes contain low concentrations of algae and other substances, resulting in that dreamy clear blue color.

The first couple of days we were lucky to have sun and warmth out to relive those epic beach days. Happy for us, we were able to bring some Taiga boards with us on our journey and made our adventures even more worth while.

From there, we went out for morning walks along the beach with the dogs as we retraced my old memories of adventuring along the same paths. Catching crayfish, and walking out of our parents sight to feel cool, oh what good times!

This time walking down the path, I became calmer. Looking off to the lake as a storm warning hit in and you can see the cloud formation starting to appear. Everything was calm, and we couldn't even hear the sound of the water hitting the shore.

I always get inspired by overcast weather. There is something oddly cinematographic about it and would much rather pull out my camera in those moments then when it's bright and sunny out. So this was a real treat for me and took advantage of that moment, to capture the serenity of the area.

A part from Port Elgin and the close towns surrounding, I haven't discovered much about the Bruce Peninsula and decided to go out on a little adventure to Lions Head to check out the Cliffs hanging over the lake. I have herd many amazing stories about the Great Bruce Trail and the scenery around there so it was inevitable for us to go.

And the day we went ended up raining 80% of the day and well thank god I brought my rain jacket because we got soaked half way during our hike. Of course I had my little Vans on, that are now ruined from the mud and the rain. From this day forward I will always bring my hiking boots with me no matter what the adventure is.

Although we got soaked, it was well worth the hike to the cliffs and the moment you see the view over looking lake Huron, you feel as if you were somewhere far from Canada. It was almost a shock for me to witness such beauty in a province I always thought never had great natural wonders. It made me eager to discover more about Ontario and find out more about these locations that are still a little underground. It was also a great reminder to never judge a book by its cover.

After that, we were lucky to have been blessed with a couple of nice sunny days to end our vacation. I was waiting for that clear sky day to witness one of the coasts best sunsets. We were exhausted from our day, and sitting on the couch debating to go watch the sunset or to just vegetate at home. That little voice in my head told me to get up and just go - thank god we did, because we witnessed a stunning golden sunset right over the lake.

Our last day, we took things slow and head down to the beach to enjoy the warm water and good vibes. Sunset rolled in, and I found myself behind the Seadoo following my fiance on the paddle board as I captured golden hour. The water was dead calm and everything was silent around us. In the far distance you could hear the kids jumping off the dock having the best time, and the quiet sounds of the Seadoo as it idled next to Jonathan. As we got back to shore, it was the perfect time to start a beach campfire and watch the last remaining minutes before the sun disappeared to end another great day.

Officially back home now, going over the captures I took during our stay. This summer things have been a little slower on my part business wise. Stress has been elevated, but it was rewarding to take some time to disconnect from home. It gave me strength to keep moving forward and to certainly not give up.

Entrepreneurship is difficult at times, and sometimes the best thing you can do when times get hard is to give yourself a little break, step back and re evaluate what you are doing and how to get to your ultimate goal.

Now feeling a little more clearer, I am ready to tackle the next few months until fall arrives at our doorsteps.

If you are in need of a small escape, I highly recommend checking this paradise out. It is only about an 8h drive and the Bruce Peninsula will have you thinking you are down south. If you have any questions feel free to drop in a comment and I will answer back.

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