A day with Audvik

I've been off work for quite sometime now focusing on myself and coping from depression. It's been a crazy month and a half of dealing with my mental game and getting myself back on track. The biggest issue for me, is pushing myself to go outside, and do things to help me get back on the right path but if you are someone who has been dealing with mental illness you know as much as me on how difficult it can be to just open the door and go outside.

My medical month off is coming to an end and I am happy to start working with clients and get back into my projects that have been put on pause for way too long. Of course not to just jump back in head straight with a crazy schedule, but to start adding things in my empty 2018 agenda and full on pushing myself.

And it all started a few days ago when Sophie (CEO of Audvik) called me up to see if I was available this coming Sunday to come document and capture the authentic moments during their Audvik ambassador day. I couldn't say no, as she described the day as a full on outdoor adventure at Parc National de Saint-Bruno.

Admittedly when I got there the nerves started to kick in.

Was I ready to jump back into work right away? Do I look presentable, am I social enough?

It didn't take much time until I felt the real connection between these down to earth humans that all have one thing in common: The love of being outside.

Now originally, the plan was to take the Bustel over. But with the cold temperature (yes it was -35) the bus decided to hibernate and made it clear that it was not moving from Felix's driveway.

Ok so there's always hiccups along any adventure and if there weren't any problems well.. It wouldn't be an adventure right?

So we opted with some shared driving, and headed up on the South Shore to start the day!

Snowshoes on, ready to go I have to admit it was pretty darn cold but thank god for Audviks amazing -25 degrees coats I barely felt anything. We ventured through the trails admiring the trees, and the occasional open spaces.


Along the walk I got to talk to many of the inspiring ambassadors and get to know each one of them. It felt kind of like a meetup, but instead of being in a bar or a coffee shop, we were outside letting our inner child out to play.

One thing I have noticed about photographing events and retreats is that whenever they are organized outside alongside an activity, the connection you make with people is so much more appreciative because everyone seems happier and more relaxed. Which also explains and proves even more the power and connection that nature can give us.


As we continued to adventure through the park, we came across some birds and none other than Anne-Sophie who was completely fascinated and destined to have a bird land on her hand, as she was ready with her camera in hand to capture that moment.

It was cute, exciting and everyone was rooting for her and of course it happened, not once but twice!

Of course, guys will be guys and Felix and Guillaume wanted to test out their snowshoeing skills by running down an over snowed rock. I think from what I saw it was more of a fall, but we will keep is as if they were ''running'' because well.. Lets not take away their pride right? HAHAHA


Our legs were getting tired and our stomachs were starting to rumble and so that meant it was time to head back and have a good old mexican lunch thanks to Felix who prepared us a delicious concoction. 

The stove was obviously not working, but the effort was there in trying to make it happen. We opted with eating our Burritos cold instead but the tip here is to add extra hot sauce. Let the spices warm up the body a bit until we head out again.

But instead of going back out snowshoeing, we decided to follow our childlike hearts and grabbed some sleds and went sledding until our bodies and legs decided enough is enough!


It was a well needed day, spent with great people in a great environment. I dig corporate activities when they use nature as their office at times and thank you to Audvik and Voyage Grand V for creating a perfect day, for inspiring humans.