New Years in Murdochville

''So what do you want to do for New Years this year?'' was the occasional question that would be going around in the apartment this holiday season. We were kind of opting for a quiet night in until I got a message from Anne-Sophie saying we are going to Chic-Choc for five insane days with really cool friends.

And then before you know it, it was 1am and we were just leaving Sainte-Therese with the Bustel, on our way to Murdochville, an approximately 10 hour drive up the coast.

I was quite excited, it was my first time traveling further than Quebec City and I always wanted to discover further. The drive up went relatively well, we watched the sunrise from over the mountains, and stared at the frozen icebergs along the Saint-Lawrence, making our minds believe we were in the Arctic.

Arriving in Murdochville, you feel the warmth of a small community. What was once a mining town, became a secluded community with the richest backyard one can dream of. Look up, and you will notice huge mountains cradling the town, giving that perception of not being in Quebec anymore. 



The first couple of days we were having fun at Mont Miller, the local ski mountain. It was Minh's first time ever skiing and was totally crushing it out there. The rest of the boarders and I got accustomed to the pain of riding a T-bar, but they say you need to suffer at least once during every adventure so this counts right?


New Years Eve, our muscles were a little worn but it didn't stop us from celebrating the new year with a customized drinking game, leading to a night full of crazy carpets and wolf noises! But enough said. In situations like these, I like to say: What happens in Murdochville - Stays in Murdochville).

January 1st came in, and it was the first bright day since we got here. The light was particularly beautiful and in the late afternoon, we went out for a walk towards Porphyre. Like usual, the town was dead quiet until we arrived to the beginning of the mountain, where a young family was playing crazy carpets as their dad brought them up with the 4 wheeler, and it didn't take long until Anne-Sophie and Minh joined them to go sliding.

The Jonathan's were playing with the drone, and I was having fun capturing my surroundings. Looking up the mountain, we spotted Francis and Claudine touring up to eventually ski down and enjoy some fresh tracks.

As we walked back, the girls had the sudden urge to get pulled behind the bus while skiing and snowboarding which made it one hell of a legendary first day of year!


The last day came faster than ever, and we were lucky to have the opportunity to Catski in the Backcountry for some gnarly fresh tracks with some guides. It surely made us get out of our comfort zone, but it was such a ''one in a lifetime experience'' that our excitement clearly won over. Not only did we experience the feeling of cruising over a couple of feet of fresh powder, but we got to witness breathtaking views of our surroundings making us appreciate our province and country even more.  Now you guys might hate me, because I did not take my camera up that day, but the reasoning behind it, was because I wanted to experience this moment for myself as a form of meditation.


2018 is officially here and a lot happened in the past year. Memories of adventures we conquered, times we got scared shitless and moments when we were too cozy to move. It was a challenging year, but a well deserved one. It's time to open a new chapter and let in even more adventures!