Brainfreeze x

Many of you know my struggles with mental health. That love - hate situation where as much as I hate my anxiety and depression, it’s also allowed me to push my photography and work towards fighting it, and creating a bigger awareness to inspire others to understand more about it.

During the summer, I stopped by to visit my friend Antonio, owner of Surf The Greats in Toronto to talk about mental health. He asked me if I was willing to collaborate on a really awesome fundraiser with to help bring awareness to mental health.

Of course, I couldn’t say no and before I knew it, I started working alongside the organization and Antonio to bring the Brainfreeze initiative to Montreal.

What is the Brainfreeze fundraiser? Well… December 1st we are organizing a polar dip in Montreal, where we will all go jump in the river together to celebrate mental illness. It’s going to be crazy and cold, wait not cold … FREEZING! All for a good cause. Each participant must sign up (25$) and raise a 100$ each and 100% of the funds will go directly to mental health awareness.

We have great partners like September Surf, that will keep you warm after the swim by handing out some hot chocolate and coffee. From there we will all hop on the bus that will take us back to September to enjoy a nice get together with other warm meals and beverages.

Mental illness is extremely under funded, and with one out of five people living with it, it’s so important to support fundraisers like this one and to donate, even if it’s only 5$.

You’re not only helping out a great cause, but you are also inspiring others to be more aware of the cause and learning a little more about it.

I really do hope everyone takes a minute to consider signing up, or to donate someone who is taking the plunge. It’s so important and would mean a lot not only to me, but to everyone who is dealing with their own little struggles. We are all in this together after all.

To learn more about the fundraiser and to sign up, check out the link below:

If you aren’t available that day, or you don’t want to take the plunge, you can also donate to my profile with the link below:

Even if it’s 5$, it will help and I would be so grateful.

Will you take the plunge?