Transition season

The transition between winter and spring can be long sometimes. The weather shifts from cold to warm, from warm to cold and we don't know how to dress or what to do. Some days we are wearing nothing but a hoodie, feeling thankful for the warmer days ahead, and then before you know it, you are wearing your -30 coat dreading the weather.

Not only the weather, but the landscape itself doesn't look as nice. I like to call it ''Fugly'' season. There's mud everywhere, the trees haven't started to bloom, and so they still look a little dead.

Lets just say it's not the most inspiring time of the year. But then again, shouldn't we see beauty within the not so beautiful?

Yesterday I went for a long hike (Boy was it ever long!) and suddenly felt charmed with the transition. I could hear nothing but the birds chirping and the sounds of the snow melting and dripping down the trees. The sun was out shining and it was natures way of saying: Spring is coming! We tend to forget sometimes how important it is to immerse ourselves in the forests and to take time for ourselves. Dealing with depression, although it's been a pretty sucking few months, it has allowed me to slow down and be with myself. Transition season is the perfect opportunity to do so, because we can focus on all four of our senses in unique ways that other seasons don't allow us to feel.

Touch. What do the trees feel like this time of year, feeling the drops of melted snow from the branches fall on your neck, skin.

Smell. Take a deep breath from your nose and feel the smell of rebirth.

Hear. Walking in the forest in silence, hearing nothing but the birds chirping, and trees dripping.

Taste. Take a deep breath with your mouth open and try to feel that odd sensation coming from your tongue. What does it taste like? For me it felt like pine.

By now if you are reading this, you must be thinking: Geez, Alex has become a hippie.

But seriously, I challenge you to do this activity, don't do it for the sake of doing it, do it for yourself. Take some time out of your busy schedule to pause for a moment and immerse yourself in this ''fugly'' season.