Back on the water

Last week sure was a busy one, especially because I was setting up my POP up shop at Place Rosemere during the weekend. (It will also be going on this weekend in case you are looking to stock up on some prints, decor and such.)

Yesterday, I spent the day laying in bed exhausted from the massive weekend and hating myself of doing nothing. But then again, as soon as I would stand up, my feet would ache and so it was better for me to just spend the day at home, relaxing and taking in the warm sun.

But this morning, I was up at the crack of dawn with my friend Karolane to go SUPing for the first time of the season. Face it, I was DYING to go, but the weather has been so temperamental lately, that every time we had plans it never worked out.

I also forgot about the pain of waking up so damn early. I love sunrises, but it's always a challenge to wake up, push myself out of bed and go. I laid in bed contemplating my decision of heading out for sunrise, wondering if it was even worth it.

But once you're up, you're up. And things start to feel better. I jumped in the car and we were off to check out the river.

The sun was beautiful, as it rose through the trees, giving a beautiful reflection on the water. Riviere des Milles-Iles isn't the prettiest and cleanest river around, but it was calm and peaceful. We squeezed ourselves into our wetsuits and spent a serene morning on the water.

As I pulled out my camera and took a few frames, I then felt thankful about getting up early. It can be painful at times, but you always get blessed by amazing sunrises like this one. Still so quiet, all we could hear were the birds hanging out, and the cars from the far away bridge. It's hard to believe that even tho we are in the city, we can find peaceful places like this.

We didn't last very long. It's still spring, and the water was cold. I had my 3-2mm wetsuit because I really didn't want to force my body into my 5-4 and quickly regretted the decision as my feet and legs filled up with water, but in those moments it's always nice to feel uncomfortable. Crazy as it seems, feeling uncomfortable is another way to get out of your comfort zone and to feel things we don't always want to feel.

After our session we took time to admire the scenery around us. It was only 7:30 in the morning and we felt as if half the day went by already. You feel tired and achy, but watching the sun rise from the other side gives you that little boost of energy. I have to admit, I missed those early morning shoots and I am going to have to plan them in my schedule more often now.