Spending time with the minies.

I had the opportunity to go to Mini Chevaux Mirabel to spend my late afternoon within a herd of miniature horses. Who were literally 3 feet tall!

For a couple of years now, I occasionally drove past the barn, seeing these guys hanging out in the front paddock, and have always wanted to just find myself inside the paddock petting and cuddling these cute creatures. It wasn't until last month that France (owner of the barn) invited me, that things started to get real.

As you know me, my love for animals goes beyond the universe, it was a pretty exciting afternoon, to the point that my adrenaline crashed near the end, in which I fell asleep quite early that night.

Jokes aside, I really wanted to see what France was up to, what were the benefits with raising miniature horses, and why she does it.

The first paddock we went in, was were the newly born babies were and made the acquaintance of two beautiful little foals named Rufus and Lilia.

France, the owner always had a passion for the equine industry, and after some past events she decide to focus her time and attention toward miniature horses, in which she focuses on breeding, educational-fun workshops for all ages. Learn more about this equine breed, and learn how to take care of them, like basic grooming skills and flat work.

So this is basically like a Canada's Wonderland theme park for all those horsey and animal crazed humans out there! (Extra hint hint to all those horse girls out there. )

At first they were a bit shy and curious, but they quickly made their way over, getting a little too frisky with my lens. Note that miniature horses are like dogs. They LOVE attention, and have no bubble. They will walk right into you just to get someone to pet them.

If you're asking  on how I felt, well I was in heaven. It's not everyday you get to be in the middle of a herd getting licked, rubbed and sniffled on.

I was surprised when France mentioned she was the only worker on her farm. Doing everything from feeding, to having cameras put into her birthing room to make sure her mares are okay, this is a 24h physical job. But then again, when you are as passionate as France and her love for these guys, you can make anything happen.

She mentioned how ''minies'' have an incredible therapeutic energy, in which these breeds can help for various health conditions such as rehabilitation for mental and physical issues as well as much more. She doesn't specialize in equine therapy, however it might be something in the future. At the moment, France is happy focusing on breeding and educational tours. 

We moved towards another paddock where I was mixed in with the older ones. They were playful and kept running back and forward like if they knew they were getting their photo taken. It was entertaining, difficult as well to photograph and hilarious to watch.

You can tell they had their own ''friend circles'' and reminded me of grade school children during lunch break.

The day ended with a special connection moment between France and her horses, I was able to capture, followed by a few portraits made during golden hour. The herd started quieting down, and all we could focus on was the feeling of the sun against our skin, the occasional snort from one of the ''minies" and the sounds of the hooves to those closest to me. It was sort of like a meditation, and moment to thank life for all it's little beauties.

If you're interested in booking a tour, please contact France at  Mini Chevaux Mirabel. She offers group tours every weekend and it's very affordable (plus totally worth it!).