Just a little refresh!

I guess there has been a change on the website lately eh? (In a good Canadian way!)

After spending some good hard weeks redesigning my website with the help of a very talented web designer, Joelle from TGIM, I am proud to present to you my new branding.


It all started months ago, when I was going through a down moment in life where no contracts were coming in, and I was struggling very hard on mental health. I decided to focus my attention towards re branding myself because of two things:

1. It's been like 4 years since I changed my website. And trust me it needed to be done.


2. In the past few years, I have evolved a lot as a person and photographer. I feel more clearer on where I want to go. I thought it would be appropriate to give my brand a bit of a refresh.

I realized through my darkest moments the beautiful remedy of being outdoors, in which led me to take nature as my canvas, kind of like a therapy. I also realized that if I wanted to keep up photography as a full time career, I needed to start calming down and focusing on anxiety free work, which led to creating calming landscape and nature prints for your home.

After a lot of hard work, Joelle and I were able to create a better platform for me to share my stories, contracts but to focus more on my online shop that offers prints, framed prints, and other paper and home decor goods.

The focus on my work is to bring nature into your home as a relaxing natural therapy. Sometimes we don't have the opportunity to go up north, or we don't have easy access to the great outdoors, so having something at home to remind you of natures little moments can help through a stressful work week in the city.

You will also notice that my prints and products are in specific collections to help find the right print for you.

  • Quebec.
  • Rest of Canada
  • Nicaragua

I decided to rearrange my prints into collections because I really want to localize my work. For example, if you live in Quebec and you are looking for local prints to help decorate your home and to feel even more cozy, all you have to do is click on Quebec and it will direct you to all the prints from the beautiful Province.

One thing that was very important for me to keep was my blog section. I wanted to fix it up again, add different collections as well and make it a bit user friendly. Now, it is easy to look up some of my articles via the search tab, collections and visual design. I absolutely love to share my stories about my life, amazing photographic encounters, behind the scenes and travel articles about my latest adventures.

Now this is a lot of information in one tiny article, but I really wanted to take the time to share the vision behind my new website. I also want to take the time to thank everyone who has supported me this far. I remember when I was just starting photography, a photographer told me that this career is 80% business and only 20% photography. In some ways I can totally relate hahaha!