A lovely lake

A Lovely lake

She is the lovely lake
and I the dingy boat
cork-strewn upon her surface,
moving in her eddies unnoticed
rocked by every movement
she makes.
sinking so easily beneath her notice.

I dip my oars and row away
but lakes are large, sometimes turbulent
sometimes glassy;
always edgy for the dingy man
who must keep abreast of the weather
least it change
and a brilliant smile illuminate and blind
me, the oarsman
who will, in all events, willingly crash upon her lovely shores.
One oar floats away-I row in circles until
I become stranded leeward on her sandbar
whilst all around she flows and flows.

I dive in
and swim with her.

A Lovely Lake

Lonnie Hicks


Valérie Guillotte


Ancr Collective

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