The North. A photography Exhibition

My experience during the Into the North production was insane. Just getting back from the adventure, and my head is still trying to wrap around what happened throughout the 2 weeks. I learned a lot about the Cree culture, and how it's important to preserve the communities and inspire them to push towards tourism to help improve the region. I learned the importance of community, and to constantly push myself out of the comfort zone. There were times when the bugs were so bad I wanted to cry, and moments that were just to powerful it was a challenge to hold back tears.

I learned that having a camera in your face 80% of the time is very hard, especially when you are tired. But from all the bruises, long drives, achy muscles and anxiety driven moments, comes pure contentment, power and self discovery. That yes, adventures like that can be mentally and physically draining, but it's also a necessity to help you grow.

I am definitely not the first person who told you that through all the challenges you encounter, there's always a positive and learning experience that comes around to help make you evolve as a human. And so this was my mantra during the two trips, that made me realize near the end that this adventure was by far the best one I have done so far.

Moving to Sainte-Adèle, I wanted to also launch my brand and vision to the new community. It's been a while since, I've wanted to host an exhibition to present my work up in the Laurentians, so when Olodge Café Plein Air reached out, it was the perfect opportunity to showcase my work in an environment that resembled to mine.

There was a point where I was moving towards showcasing some local work, but after the adventure, I found it necessary to share with you all some of my favorite shots during my trip in Eeyou Istchee Baie-James. This trip was such an eye revealing experience that not only changed my point of view on some things, but also inspired me to keep doing what I am doing: To pursue my passion and putting the fear of failing behind me.

On September 8th, I invite you to come grab a cup of coffee and hang out at Olodge with me and check out the series. I will be there throughout the exhibition sharing my thoughts on the adventure such as highlights, packing tips, and information on the region as well. I will also be selling my work via Credit card or Cash so be sure to swing by and refresh your beautiful home with some new art.

This will also be the launch of my new fall collection entitled The North. I am pretty excited to be sharing with you all. It's all thanks to you that I am living off my work and I would also like to take the time to thank everyone for your tremendous support.

Until the event, here is the promo poster as well as some sneak peak shots during my trip.

Hope to see you all there!