The North Collection Launch

It's only been a few months since I decided to really tackle print selling and I am overly obsessed with it. It's an art, a form of product creation, but the reason I love it so much is the creation process from A to Z. The feeling of being a true artist and creating works of art for my clients is a pretty spectacular sensation, to be able to see your work framed in someones home sure makes you feel as if your work has meaning, is worth something and making someones day.

I wanted to dive deep into the creation of an end of summer collection about some of my photography taken in the region of Eeyou Istchee Baie-James because I fell in love with the barely untouched part of our province. Every photographer and artist has their own values and motives when it comes to creation, and for me it's the love of my country and province. Every decision I take always comes down to: Am I inspiring others to discover more about Canada?

This series is probably one of my favorite. Not only because aesthetically every shot has something special, but to the fact that this is the collection launch that helped me overcome a difficult time in my life dealing with mental illness. This collection helped me during moments when I wanted to hit rock bottom, it gave me focus, and power. A therapy in it's way.

The series isn't just photos from a region, but it's a story about the north, a part of our own province and country that we might of never herd about.



My prints are of course my main art. They are the essence of my presence as a photographer and the reason I do what I do. There's something about seeing my work printed and framed that just makes me fall in love all over again with photography.

My prints are printed on high quality photo matte paper and available in three sizes on my website. If you wish to order a specific size, you can do so in the contact section of my website.

Prints are usually rolled safely in a packaging tube perfect for shipping across the country and also in the US. (Note that international shipments might take a while due to customs etc.)

Available sizes:


I LOVE pillows! I am the kind of girl that has a million pillows at home, and it was important for me to create bi-products that I would use around the house, so pillows ended up taking a special part of my creation process. My pillows are made of an recycled canvas type material. Although they are decorative pillows and I do not recommend to wash them, you can easily wash them in cold water and hang to dry. The inside of the pillow is made of polyester filling. They are 18''x18'' perfect for your couch, bed, and any kind of decorative section of your home. The canvas material gives you a nice rustic feeling.

Inspired by the outskirts of Chibougamau, in QC.


This season's new notebook was inspired by my favorite shot of the whole series, a sunrise shot on Mount Laurier in Matagami. We woke up at 3 in the morning to hike up and catch the sunrise from one of the best peaks of the region and was greeted by a beautiful romantic overcast sunrise. The colors of this notebook really stand out, with a matte covering. Thick paper, for all your creative projects and journaling. Unlined so that you can let your creative brain go and do all sorts of things!


Anyways! That's about it, I also have a really nice pouch that will be coming out this week. Just wanted to give a huge thanks to everyone who came to my exhibition held at Olodge Café Plein Air last night. It was such a great evening and had the opportunity to talk with some pretty inspiring humans. Special thanks to Olodge for letting me host the exhibition on their terrace, it was AWESOME. Like literally just how I pictured it. Ahhh! Hahahaha! And also a huge thanks to Plenty Humanwear, who dressed me up for the event. I am obsessed with the jeans (Cozy as F****) and like pretty much the whole outfit.

I can't believe how fast the whole night happened, it was pretty awesome seeing you all there and hope you had a great night as well. :D :D