What nature taught me

I am just here, walking through one of my favorite hiking trails in the dark hours of the morning. I have a super bright headlamp helping me guide my way. After another sleepless night all I could think about is being in nature alone with my camera.

The -30 temperature is reminding me of my physical body, even tho I feel as if I was ghosting through the trail in complete silence a part from the occasional deep breaths to fill me up.

People often ask me what brought me into nature photography, I always give a bunch of answers that always funnels into the same realization of : calmness and authenticity.

I am setting up my tripod, which can be a quite difficult task in freezing temperatures due to the tripod icing up, but manage to slowly squeak it into the right position. I hear wildlife around me, but I am not scared. I guess for some people being out in the woods at night hearing animals around them can be frightening, but for me it’s actually quite soothing.

For me nature is the purest form of authenticity. Mother nature, is pure, real , dangerous yet safe. Nature taught me to let go of the things I can’t change, and to focus on what I can change. My endless days spent in national parks alone taught me that everything happens for a reason, and that a true adventure starts when things go wrong.

Ever since I can remember, it’s been a real challenge for me to socialize around people. Nature let me understand that it’s okay and helped me step out of my comfort zone in situations that could possibly help in social interactions. Being able to sit on the ground and stare at the river, or the woods for hours in complete silence, perhaps a form of meditation, perhaps a form of religion.

In those moments of true defeat, nature always seemed to pick me up through subtle magical moments, in this case the beautiful blue hour of the morning, and the water soothingly rushing down next to me. Even tho the fridgid temperatures, I felt warm and fuzzy inside.

Nature is free, freedom, Liberty, love. Nature is a form of therapy, but instead of reaching out, you need to reach out to it in order to feel it, it can be difficult at first, but the more you immerse yourself, the more nature gives back. Like a relationship, or a flower, or even a pet.

Mother earth, taught me to keep pushing through my fears, to keep being myself even in hard situations and to certainly never give up. It taught me simplicity, calmness and gave me a beautiful canvas to create and speak out.