Yoga mats inspired by nature

For the longest time I have had this brilliant idea to mix my prints with yoga mats but just couldn’t seem to find the right distributor etc. Trust me, it is so hard to find a company that can create good quality yoga mats without breaking the bank.

But luckily Society6 (a really cool artist platform that allows you to sell various personalized items with your work) came out with yoga mats and could not resist to design a couple and see how they would turn out.

I have been using this platform for a while, it’s a great website to create products without having to deal with the actual printing - shipping etc. Of course you don’t get that big of a percentage at the end of the day, but when you really focus on creating awesome products it’s a great sideline for freelancers like me.

And surprisingly, their products are very good quality and exceed my expectations. When I created the mats, I ordered them to have a better idea on what exactly they looked like, and how well they worked.

The shipping was insanely fast, I got the mats within 5 days and honestly I was quite surprised. Usually custom printing products take a lot longer so this was awesome.
Once opened we definitely get that ‘‘new gross mat smell’’ LOL. It’s normal, I just let the mats hang outside for a day and let the smell wear off. I have had mine for a week now and I barely smell them now. They each come with straps to carry your mat around.

At first, I was a little disappointed because they look like those typical winner 5$ mats, but when I actually tried the mat itself I was incredibly amazed on how well it actually works. Super non slip, (like seriously, no towel nothing needed) and 5mm so it is thick enough to not have to worry about getting hurt. They are also very light perfect for traveling.

I have had friends, and yogis purchase the mat in support, and to test them out and have had incredible results which is really humbling.

This is definitely my new favorite yoga mat, for someone who is in the process on completing her Yoga teacher training, and that practices every day, I definitely recommend them.

To check them out and order your own, here is the link: