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A little longer than the speed of light

A friend recently asked me about how I found my brand image and photography style.

That question seems to always pop up once in a while in my photography circle and it's a somewhat difficult question to answer because everyone has different views on art, branding and working as an entrepreneur. 

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Well that was fast

Don't you find August went by a little too fast?

I kind of just realized that this morning when I checked my calendar and was like ''Shit! Shit shit!''

It's been about 6 months now that I have been working on a wicked project that will soon become public (about a month to go folks!) and it's that scary feeling of knowing you don't have that much time left to complete it before times up.

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That new chapter

I had my first official sleepless night as an entrepreneur Monday and I can officially tell myself:

Welcome to the entrepreneur life Alex!

After coming back from Hawaii, I've been quite busy with organizing myself and making sure to start things off on the right foot. With my big expo coming up (more details to come in September) I have experienced a little more stress than the usual and now that I am committing to my work 100%, well the stress grew a lot more.

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